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To validate your game account, the “ID verification” is required.

In fact, within 30 days of registration, a copy of an official and valid identity document must be uploaded in the “Account Verification” section or a copy of your Lugano Class Card. The following documents are considered official identity documents, provided that they contain a photo of the owner and are written in Latin characters:

  • Passport;
  • Identity card;
  • Driver’s license;
  • Residence permit for foreigners (B, C, Ci and L), provided that the accuracy of the data has been subject to a thorough official check.

Foreign passports and identity cards that, according to the instructions of the State Secretariat of Migration, allow entry into Switzerland, as well as Swiss passports and identity cards expired for no more than five years, are considered valid.

Furthermore, in order for us to validate your game account, the “Address verification” is also required, so that Swiss4win can be certain that your primary residence or domicile address is in Switzerland. Therefore, you can proceed to upload in the same section, for example, the gas, electricity, water, TV or Internet bill, telephone operator contract, health insurance invoice, bank account statement, Residence permit for foreigners (B, C, Ci, L) or the certificate of residence of the inhabitants control office. 
Documents must not be older than 3 months or expired. For utiliy bills, the issuing date is the one taken into account.

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