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In the event that, during a bet with the wager made, a disconnection occurs (voluntary or non-voluntary for reasons not attributable to Swiss4Win), unless otherwise specified in the rules o the respective game, the game session is frozen and stored in the system for the next 90 days, with the exception of Live games where the game result is achieved even in your absence and is recorded in the “Account transactions” section. When you connect again, the system will automatically allow you to reach the game environment and resume the interrupted game at the same point where the disconnection took place, provided that the reconnection takes place within the term of 90 days from the disconnection. In case you can’t reconnect within 90 days, the bet at the time of disconnection is considered lost, the session is closed, and the remaining stake is transferred to the game account.

If, on the other hand, the malfunction is caused by the central systems of Swiss4Win and/or the Website, the hit is cancelled, and the original bet is returned to you. This happens, for example, in the event of an irreversible malfunction of the hardware/software of

For any malfunction, Swiss4Win's obligation to reimburse, if given, is limited to the amount present in the account and used in the game before the opening of the session in question and subject to a thorough technical check carried out by the online gaming control department.

For all games, especially Live games, Swiss4Win invites you to carefully read the rules of each game to understand its peculiarities.

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