Adventures Beyond Wonderland Live - Live Game

Adventures Beyond Wonderland LiveAdventures Beyond Wonderland Live

Experience a Live game like no other and plunge into Adventures Beyond Wonderland Live!

Min 0.10 | Max 500.00 CHF

In this exciting live game, the existing Alice in Wonderland theme and slot graphics are turned into an entertaining, interactive live gaming experience.

The most remarkable thing about this live game show is the wheel. The game features a modified version of Spin A Win’s wheel with 54 fields containing numbers and multiple bonus rounds.

You can place your bet on four numbers: 1, 2, 5, and 10. The wheel has 22 segments with number 1, 15 fields with number 2, five sections with number 5, and only four with number 10. Each number multiplies your bet amount.  

Alongside the numbers, the wheel has a total of eight bonus rounds sections you should be looking forward to. There are three bonus rounds in this game, but some have different ways of delivering their prizes. The bonus rounds are WonderSpins, Magic Dice, and Mistery Bonus Spins. 

When the wheel lands on a field you’ve placed your bet on, you can either win a cash prize or enter the bonus game in which multipliers boost your initial bet.

You can decide to wager only on numbers or combine numbers with three bonus rounds available for betting. These are the Magic Dice, 2 WonderSpins, and 5 WonderSpins. The last bonus game is a Mystery Bonus Spins that brings a pleasant surprise to all the players and doesn’t require a bet to get a chance of winning. 

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